Regenerative medicine is a revolutionary, scientific, and medical discipline that focuses on harnessing the power of one’s own stem cells and the body’s own regenerative properties to restore function to organs, tissues, ligaments, tendons, joints, and damaged cells.

Regenerative Medicine encompasses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem cell procedures and treatments. These medical models and discipline are no longer concept…they are evidence based medicine!!!

PRP Research

PRP is currently being used in multiple medical disciplines and treatment modalities to include aesthetics, burn units, cardiovascular, dentistry, orthopedics, pain management, patient rehab, physical therapy, plastic surgery, podiatry, pulmonology (COPD), sexual dysfunction, sports medicine, surgery, and wound care.

PRP has the ability to increase collage and cartilage, increase blood supply, increase metabolic activity, and restore function to organs, tissues, ligaments, tendons, joints, and damaged cells.

For example:

Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, and Alex Rodriquez are amongst hundreds of professional athletes who have used PRP for its healing factors, which allowed their careers to continue and decreased their healing time. Research has confirmed that this procedure in regenerative medicine is provides a healing alternative for anyone in pain. This medical discipline has been proven to be more effective and more economical as opposed to surgery or physical therapy.

Stem Cell Research

The study of Stem Cells is one of the most exciting areas of regenerative medicine. Stem Cell research and therapy will soon have the potential for alleviating suffering for many diseases which currently have no effective therapy. Although it serves as a huge healing mechanism in tissue, muscle and joint repair, the expansion of research combined with the healing capabilities is making Stem Cells the future of medicine.

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