The latest regenerative medicine advancements include PRP treatment for COPD. Effective results can be attained by introducing PRP to the lung areas, which can help to promote the formation of new capillaries leading to tissue repair. Also, the latest research by scientists is showing that it is possible to produce healthy lung cells with PRP.

COPD is a chronic condition that seems to increase year after year for various reasons and is affecting people of all ages. Like other chronic illnesses, COPD is strongly influenced by lifestyle choices and our surroundings. Even if all these factors don't play a role, COPD must be managed to attain the best quality of life possible.

Treating COPD with PRP is offering the patient a new window in his or her quality of life. Researchers and experts see regenerative medicine as the path to a cure for a disease that may rob patients of many quality years of their life.

Treating COPD with PRP is a highly sought after pathway for many patients today. Our medical team is willing to form a partnership with our patients to ensure a pathway to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

COPD Imagery